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salt is a weapon

it's a brave new world.

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I'm a college student who likes to write. I adore Orlando Bloom's fuzzy sweaters and his hideous shirts and weird ties. I think he's FUNNY! I'm one of those people who like to get and like to give books as gifts. I like nuts in my chocolate and ice cream. Bum bum buuumm.

Here's something for the road -- all my fan fiction is listed in my memories. My OTP is Draco/Ginny, but I enjoy writing other ships occasionally 'cause it's fun. My other OTP is Sarkney from Alias. I love Dean Winchester. All fic posts remain public. Other entries are locked after a week or so. This is pretty much entirely a fandom journal.

See: secondservings, an ongoing fic prominently featuring Orlando Bloom and Sean Biggerstaff, a fic series that does shameless as you've never seen before.

See: dgficexchange, which is self-explanatory. Fire & Ice, baby.

Profile: profile header by bubbleforest; see: kindagetmego__

Layout: Linus and Lucy by thefulcrum

Disclaimer: It's fan fiction, so characters and stuff belongs to the creators. In this case, J.K. Rowling, J.J. Abrams, and uhh, whatever else fandom I write.

Age Statement: I am over 18 years of age, baby!

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