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Fic: "The Absence" (2/2)

Title: The Absence
Ship: Draco/Hermione
Rating: R
Summary: It all begins when Draco is declared insane.
A/N: Two years ago, I promised (probably in exchange for some Orlando/Leila fic) onecrimsontie a D/Hr fic. So, for onecrimsontie--for international phone calls and cheer packages, everything in between.

Big thank you to streetscribbles for reading this monster and brainstorming titles with me :D It's been a long, painful process. Thank you for helping me with it!

2/2Collapse )

Fic: "Naked-Eye Viewing"

Title: Naked-Eye Viewing
Ship: Draco/Ginny
Rating: R
Summary: Draco tries his hand at seeing the future.
A/N: How can I possibly write Draco/Ginny when I haven't, really, seriously, for months? Apparently, late nights and The Fader's "No Sleep 2Nite" will do it. Feedback is LOVE!

On a clear night in September, this is what he will do:Collapse )


This is my first fanmix ever, and it is for Supernatural because in case I haven't totally spammed everyone in comments and IMs, I am addicted. Feedback is very much appreciated ♥

Explanation: A cover-all for Supernatural, touching on the brothers' relationship, their crusade, the demons they hunt. If there be a theme, then it's probably that they're haunted by their own demons and driven to the road, to do the things they do. Re the album art: the small text reads no rest for the weary and the crossed out characters read peace in Chinese. Following that vague theme, I chose "Things That Go Bump" for the title because of all the scary things they confront that keep them awake at night. The end.

Things That Go BumpCollapse )
1. Thank you to everyone who filled out the poll! It was mildly surprising and very interesting.

2. Today by onecrimsontie. I've recced this before, but I'm doing it again because I just re-read it. This fic is an unbelievable piece of work. It's the trio, gen-fic, and you should read it because it is really, really good. It's also short as one-shots go, so definitely read and enjoy!

Here's the thing. I've been trying to write, really have, and I've scrapped everything I've started with. Something is not clicking, or something. I get to about 400 words and then I save it, and start something new. This could all be a lack of perseverance on my part, not enough effort, or it could be that I'm not inspired, or something. I tried writing every ship that even vaguely interested me.

I've seen this done many times in the past, called the drabble meme, but I'm not because what if I can't even work up 100 words or so? What if I can't even write a SENTENCE? That would be disappointing for both parties, I think.

It's like hitting the vending machines to see if something will drop down. Maybe it won't because it's just stuck there and that fucking sucks, but there's always the good day when you get a free Snickers/Twix/Lion bar/whatever candy/chips bag you like. I know I'm a dork.

So here's your mission (PLEASE PLEASE ACCEPT IT!):

The Vending Machine meme:
Please post 1) a pairing OR character of your choice, and 2) a line of dialogue.

I will then try my very best to write, erm, 50-100 words or so. But I make no promises! Maybe I'll suck and flop out and my brain can't handle anything. So don't expect a drabble. But maybe you'll get one. Maybe a drabble will become a fic (that would be the best scenerio). Maybe a fic will be good. Who knows?

Anything is game from these fandoms: Alias, Harry Potter, Prison Break, Veronica Mars. Okay, so just four fandoms. Darn, I thought there were more.

PLEASE FEED ME :D Or you, however you look at it.

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After Sex

Title: "After Sex"
Ship: Draco/Ginny
Rating: R
Summary: Exactly what the title says. A little conversation post-sex.
A/N: Oh my god, my first Draco/Ginny in a LONG fucking time. 498 words, small ficlet with no plot. Best I could do *weeps* I've got that longer D/G fic, it's about 5000 words right now, and will probably be posted in 3 or 5 parts. But I'm not going to post it until it's all done. And it's just not working right now.

His voice was deeply irritated and tinged with complaint.Collapse )

"A Certain Private Conversation"

So, it's been a while. I definitely recommend trying a new ship if you're locked in writer's block. During my unofficial hiatus, I have watched Munich and liked it and have discovered deep wells of sarcasm in me in response to possibly the most idiotic teacher I have had and hopefully will ever have.

Title: A Certain Private Conversation
Ship: Harry/Pansy
Rating: R
Summary: A hero, a journalist, two beers and a story on the table.
A/N: Written per bk11’s request, and I hope this is satisfactory. Thank you to bubbleforest for taking the first look. And oh, thanks to streetscribbles for “sharing the joy,” I suppose :D

There's a lot of misplaced beliefs here.Collapse )

Atrophy In The Library

Wow. There were so many different styled fics, and it was a fun experience :) I signed up on a whim, and I'm glad I did. Am proud of fic, and flattered and happy that people enjoyed it.

Honored by the readers at dmhgficexchange:

And thank you to whoever nominated the fic at Dangerous Liasons Awards and the readers who voted there!

Title: Atrophy in the Library
Ship: Draco/Hermione
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Names, terms, etc. don't belong to me. The book titles do, however. Took me the better part of an hour trying to make them up *headdesk*
Author's Notes: Written for the dmhgficexchange. HBP spoilers are included. Special thanks to onecrimsontie for the usual beta and feedback routine.
Summary: Hermione finds her own personal library in Draco Malfoy.

( It’s not like they’re friends. )

Am back at school. Jetlagged. Going to sleep now, so as to wake up for 9 o'clock class tomorrow morning.

Real Life and "Planets"

I got my midterm grades back, and I did really fucking well! I didn't expect that, but it has reminded me what I'm doing here and that I've been doing something right.

Got hooked on Smallville from watching S4. Tom Welling. I'm shallow and stuff, I know it, but he is so hot it's ridiculous. And although there are many things wrong with that show, it was still enjoyable. A few cringeworthy moments, but overall, I like it. I've also gotten back into Gilmore Girls (YAY) and one of my friends plans on buying S5, so I'm going to kill myself with all the Logan.

Title: Planets
Paring: None
Rating: PG-13
Summary: That 11-year-old, the one with the correct posture and the sulky, sullen look on his face—that is Sirius Black. In two minutes he will have another reason to hate his cousin Bellatrix even more. In seven minutes, he will suffer awkward, stiff farewells from his parents, and then he will board the Hogwarts Express. And in twenty-four minutes and thirty-nine seconds, he will meet James Potter.

A/N: Challenge #25, when Sirius met James, written for sirius_loving.I must have been crazy to choose this prompt. It felt too big for me to handle, and I almost wrote a cop-out of a fic, maybe still have done so, but anyway, here it is. Feedback = love.

( The date is September 1st, 1970; the place is Platform 9¾ at Kings Cross station. )

"Surfacing In Unknown Waters"

Title: "Surfacing In Unknown Waters"
Ship: Sarkney
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: Alias and its characters belong to J.J. Abrams.
Summary: She is the leper. No one is willing to take her; no one is daring enough to touch her.
A/N: When a plot bunny bites, it hangs on like the devil, all teeth and just so annoying, and the only way to quash it is to appease it. Over 2000 words, and all in a day. Crazy. Feedback appreciated :P

Let me be empty and weightless and maybe I’ll some peace tonight.Collapse )


"A Christmas Story"

Fic for nyruserra, who commissioned me at the_fund and asked for Fred/Hermione, Post-Hogwarts, fluffy-romance. I can't believe I've finished it so quickly. It's over 3000 words! *is pleased*

Title: "A Christmas Story"
Pairing: Fred/Hermione
Rating: PG13
Summary: It's that magical time of year, and Hermione buys a gift for herself at Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes.

Hermione was hiding something. Fred was sure of it.Collapse )