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Saw this from moreteadk and decided to take the test. I was averaging 97-98 wpm listening to Sarah McLachlan, but then my iTunes random hit Gym Class Heroes's "The Queen and I" and I hit my high of:

112 words


Lesson: music that pumps you up also hypes up your fingers!

All my D/G people are following round 4 of dgficexchange, yes yes? Featuring layout by twinklepug, sign ups start in about a week!

So, also got a question for you: Which of your own fics/art are you most proud of? Follow-up: Which fic/art of yours do most readers like? Same fic, y/n? I was going to ask which one is your favorite, but that might not be the one you're most proud of :P (It isn't for me!) Feel free to link me!

I've been wondering this for a while. I have this theory that the one you're proud of isn't usually the one most people seem to like. Example: The Barest Hint of Lemon is the fic I'm still getting reviews for. But, for many reasons, it's not what I'd put up as my best work. It's not that I don't like it, it's just...not what I'm most proud of.

On a related note, without a doubt, my absolute WORST has to be this D/G I wrote in 2004 called "Love, Ginny." Oh my god. It was worse than some of the earlier BSB fics I wrote. Best thing ff.net ever did was wipe my account clean and destroy that fic. Except like a year later I found out streetscribbles saved it. And then her computer got wiped and I thought now it's truly gone. And then she told me she somehow recovered it. Love, Ginny: The Fic That Just Wouldn't Die. Morbid fascination compelled me to ask her to send me the fic, to see if it was as bad as I remembered. It was so much more than that, I cannot say. For a while, before she sent it to me, I was debating whether I should put it up as a "how far I've come" thing, but for the good of all, that thing will never be up for public viewing.



Jan. 7th, 2008 01:44 pm (UTC)
I *need* to read Love, Ginny. We all have those fics hiding in our closet, and I guarantee you that it's not as bad as you think it is. (And if it is, then we'll all just smile awkwardly and remind you how freaking awesome you are now.)

Best response? Even though it's a WIP, easily Slow Burn. And while I do like that poor, long-abandoned story, I'd say that I'm more proud of the writing in some of my more recent stories, either That One You've Read That Most People Don't Know About, or the Prison Break fic, From the Darkness.
Jan. 8th, 2008 05:40 am (UTC)
Ohhh, this one is really THAT bad :P I've resigned myself to it. I wrote it in a fit of fangirly shippy love and was overcome. If anyone's ever having a bad day I might put it up because it's good for a few laughs anyway! :D

You know how I feel about Slow Burn, but do you know that I LOVE From the Darkness? AHH can't wait until the season picks up again! Also, speaking TOYRTMPDKA (:D :D), I've been meaning to talk to you about that! Hopefully I'll catch you online again soon!

About being more proud of the more recent writing, that's how I feel about a lot of mine too. I guess it's because we are (or believe we are) to be improving each time.

P.S. Um, hello Wentworth. NICE HANDS! :D :D